Release Notes


August 8th 2015

  • Use hyphens instead of underscores as word separator for URLs and file system paths.


July 26th 2015

  • Improved URL rewriting when running PHP in FastCGI mode (Apache and Nginx).
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 3.3.2.
  • Toolbox:
    • img: Added the option to add a class to the generated <img> tag.
    • navTree: Return nothing in case the defined rootLevel is greater the the actual level of the current page.
    • search: Replaced the JS-generated placeholder with the standard placeholder attribute and added parameters for an optional submit button and classes for <form>, <input> and <button> elements.


January 25th 2015

  • GUI: Improved scrolling of content column.
  • Added listing type "siblings".


December 14th 2014

  • General GUI improvements. Columns can now be scrolled separately.
  • Added parameter to offset/limit page listings for listConfig() and listPages().
  • Implemented URLify library to transliterate non-ascii characters for use in URLs and file/directory names.


November 16th 2014

  • Improved parsing of the requested page from the URL.
  • Improved parsing of text files.
  • Several GUI fixes.
  • Fixed strict standard warnings.


October 27th 2014

  • Added proxy support.
  • Improved reliability of parsing requests from the URL in case $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] is not set.


August 7th 2014

  • Updated file declaration syntax: Like variables and tags, multiple file names/patterns have to be separated by comma now.
  • Listings of type: "children" can now have an optional parent URL.


August 3rd 2014

  • GUI improvements:
    • Added a dialog for renaming files within the file manager
    • Give feedback in page settings if the template file is missing
    • Minor design changes
  • Toolbox:
    • imgSet: Added generation of page variables as optional image captions
    • listPages: Added options to modify the size/class of the first item separately
    • listPages: Added option for inline styles per page
  • Extensions:
    • Carousel: Added fullscreen option
    • Gallery: Added options to modify the size/class of the first image separately
    • Gallery: Added generation of page variables as optional image captions
    • Gallery: Added option to disable cropping of images
  • Updated the sample content
  • Updated the Standard theme


July 27th 2014

First public release