• File-based - no database required
  • Human readable template syntax - build your own themes - no PHP knowledge required
  • Portablility - copy, move, backup or version control your site easily
  • Caching engine - a smart, two step caching system keeps your rendering times low
  • Integrated search engine - create your own search page in a few steps
  • Tagging system - label your pages and make use of Automad's filter methods
  • Markdown support - structure your content by using the popular Markdown syntax
  • Graphical User Interface - manage your site via a browser
  • Extendability - develop your own plugins to extend Automad's core functionality
  • Included responsive theme - get started directly with the included theme
  • Automatic generation of sitemap.xml - let Google know about your content

Light, Simple & Fast

Automad doesn't require any database. All content is file based. Installing Automad is basically a matter of downloading and extracting a .zip file.


Human Readable

All text-based content is saved in normal .txt files and can be edited using your preferred text-editor or Automad's self-explanatory and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). A site's structure is basically a directory tree. Media files can be added alternatively also using your operating system's default file browser like Windows' Explorer or Mac OS X's Finder.


Automad provides a powerful caching engine to keep your site's data buffered and quickly reusable across multiple pages. All rendered pages get saved as static HTML files.


Being file-based makes it extremely easy to move or backup a complete website, including settings and content. There is also no need to adjust any settings after moving a site. Automad is always aware of its location and will automatically modulate all URLs - for all pages and media files - according to its base URL.


Being file-based and independed form a MySQL server also makes deployment very easy. Build up your site on your local computer and simply synchronize its directory with your webspace using your preferred FTP program or just a tiny rsync shell script.


Version Control

Being file-based even allows for putting your whole website under version control using GIT or Mercurial.

Graphical User Interface

All your content and your site's configuration can be managed via a sleek and intuitive graphical user interface.


Keep track of your media and easily upload more files via drag'n'drop.


Template Engine

Building Themes for Automad is very easy and doesn't require any PHP knowledge. Automad comes with its own template engine, providing a lot of useful Toolbox functions to dynamically generate a page's HTML out of your content.



In case you are missing some functionality, you can also develop your extensions and use them in combination with your Automad installation.

Ready Out Of The Box

Automad shippes with a set of extensions and an elegant and fully responsive theme with a lot of different page types. The pre-installed sample content helps you to quickly get started building you own site.