Caching is essential to speed up your site and should generally be enabled. However under some circumstances you might want to disable or clear your cache. The GUI provides an easy way to change your cache's behavior with a few clicks.
When caching is enabled, Automad checks your site for changes every 2 minutes and will update all pages accordingly. In any case - if enabled or not - the cache gets rebuild every hour to make sure that everything works properly, even when there are issues with timestamps after moving or deploying and therefore the changes are not recognized by the normal checks. So you don't have to clear the cache yourself, if you see outdated information. Automad will pick your changes up itself - after a while.


Enabling Or Disabling The Cache

The Cache button indicates whether caching is enabled or not. Use it to enable/disable the cache or to set its checking interval ("Check for changes every ...") to a different value. The cache's checking interval determines, how often Automad will scan your content and source files for changes.
The default interval is 2 minutes (120 seconds). Even when you leave the caching enabled during development, all changes will be picked up after these 2 minutes.

Clearing The Cache

In case you want to reset the cache immediately, without waiting until the cache's lifetime expires, because you forgot to deactivate it during development or notice somehow outdated content on your site, you can use this button.

Manual Settings

Changing config.json

It is also possible to change the cache settings via your text-editor. The following settings can be changed:

    "AM_CACHE_ENABLED": true,

Clearing The Cache Manually

Resetting the cache manually is just a matter of removing a file called /cache/cached_site_mtime. You don't have to delete the entire /cache directory.

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