Shared Content & Settings

Some content or settings should be available across all pages, for example the site's name or the site's theme. So basically this place is designed to group all variables, media files, logos and favicons, which are not related to any specific page. The way the data gets stored is exactely the same as it works with pages. The only difference is that the text file for the global variables has a fixed name /shared/site.txt.

Using The GUI

Data & Settings


Main Properties

  • Sitename The name of your site
  • Theme The globally defined theme - this setting can be overridden on per page basis

Shared Variables

All site-wide variable placehoders - used in any of the installed templates - show up here and can be filled with content.


There is also a file manager to upload/remove media files to/from the shared folder.

The Global Text File

As described above, the shared variables are saved outside the pages directory in /shared/site.txt and can also be edited without the GUI, using a text-editor. The file must exist and must contain at least the following settings:

 sitename: Your Site's Name
 theme: standard

Any variable you find in your templates wrapped in @s() can be added here as well. For example a template's footer could contain the following:

<p>Copyright @t(year) by @s(author)</p>

Then you can define the author's name like this in /shared/site.txt:

author: Whatever Name Here
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