generates a navigation tree (site map).

@t(navTree{ Options })


all: true - boolean

This options defines, whether the tree shows all pages on all levels or only pages along the current path.

parent: "" - string

Sets the parent page of the tree. "" equals the top of all pages including the homepage.

rootLevel: false - int or false

If this option is defined, parent will be ignored and the tree always starts below the given level within the breadcrumb trail to the current page. This way, the parent page of the tree gets determined dynamically, depending on the current page and the specified level.


A site tree, always starting below the 1st level (depending on the current page), only showing pages along the current path:

    rootLevel: 1, 
    all: false

A typical site map, showing all pages below the homepage:

@t(navTree{ parent: "/" })
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