The Toolbox contains all basic methods (Tools) for generating dynamic elements like navigation, page listings, image sets and others. You can easily integrate any Tool into the template's HTML markup like this:

@t(tool) <!-- Replace "tool" with any tool in the list! -->

Most of the Toolbox methods can used with optional parameters:

@t(tool{ key: value, ... })

These parameters can also be variables:

@t(tool{ key: @p(var), ... })

Or wrapped in any HTML tag:

<div class="someclass">@t(tool{ key: @p(var), ... })</div>


The most common thing all websites have, is a simple navigation bar, which has to reflect a site's structure dynamically, updating itself, when pages get added or removed. As an example, this can be achieved by adding the @t(navTop) tool to the template's markup:

<div class="navbar">
        homepage: true,
        class: "nav"
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